Andrea Young in her Corefit studio

Andrea Young
the clinical Pilates and
functional movement specialist

Resources and references


Some reference books that may be useful. The majority of these books are available for Kindle as well as in print. Some are quite easy reading, others are aimed at professional practitioners and are more advanced. The books marked with an asterisk are perhaps a more specialised read.

Pilates and core exercise

Pilates for LifeDarcy Bussell — Michael Joseph

The Anatomy of PilatesPaul Massey — Lotus Publishing

Sports PilatesPaul Massey — CICO Books

The Pilates BibleLynne Robinson, Lisa Bradshaw & Nathan Gardner — Kyle Cathie

The Body Control Pilates Back BookLynne Robinson, Helge Fischer & Paul Ramsey — Pan

Spine WorkTia Stanmore — Hamlyn

Anatomy and physiology

The Pocket Atlas Of The Moving BodyMel Cash — Ebury Press

Bodyweight Strength Training AnatomyBret Contreras — Human Kinetics

Strength Training AnatomyFrederic Delavier — Human Kinetics

Concise Book of MusclesChris Jarmey — Lotus Publishing

Essentials of Exercise PhysiologyWilliam McArdle, Frank I Katch & Victor L Katch — Lippincott Williams and Wilkins *

The Complete Human Body: The Definitive Visual GuideDr Alice Roberts — DK

Movement and functional exercise

Advances in Functional Training for SportsMichael Boyle — Lotus Publishing *

Functional Training for SportsMichael Boyle — Human Kinetics *

Complete Guide to StretchingChris Norris — Bloomsbury

Physical therapy

Trail Guide to the BodyAndrew Biel — Books of Discovery *

Special Tests in Musculoskeletal ExaminationPaul Hattam & Alison Smeatham — Churchill Livingstone *

Concise Book of Trigger PointsSimeon Niel-Asher — Lotus Publishing *


Materials referenced within the website.

Athletic Body in BalanceGray Cook — Human Kinetics *

MovementGray Cook — Lotus Publishing *

Return to Life Through ContrologyJoseph H. Pilates — Bodymind Publishing, Inc

Just MoveIdo Portal — video available on YouTube