Andrea Young in her Corefit studio

Andrea Young
the clinical Pilates and
functional movement specialist

About clinical classes

Most of Corefit’s classes are ‘clinical’. This page explains the difference between clinical and non-clinical classes.

Non-clinical classes

Non-clinical classes are open to anyone with no contra-indicated conditions. This usually means you don’t have any joint or mobility issues that stop you from taking part in any type of group exercise. This type of class follows a set format and is not intended to rehabilitate or address specific issues. You can discuss with me whether such a class is suitable for you before attending. Currently the only non-clinical class that I do is the Barre Pilates Method class.

Clinical classes

Nearly all of my classes are described as being clinical. This means that the exercises prescribed to each client reflect the individual needs of the client based on assessment of their current health.

It is worth emphasising that clinical classes allow people of all fitness levels to take part. The classes are still perfectly appropriate and adequately challenging for fit and healthy people, who may be able to progress to more difficult variations of exercises in the same way that others may need a more simplified variation.

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. With my Pilates and my functional classes, depending on the health and medical history of the client, some exercises may need to be undertaken in a different way and some should not be prescribed at all.

When starting out with me you will be asked to complete a health screen. You are invited to do at least one individual session when a postural assessment and functional movement screen will be undertaken to decide on the best exercise plan for you.

My training has involved studying not only human physiology and anatomy but also many of the common conditions, illnesses and injuries that affect human movement. I understand their causes, their treatments and when my intervention best helps rehabilitation. And I understand the importance of preventing injury.

Corefit classes are small and I know everyone by name. I keep an on-going check on any health issues that you have, and your participation in class will always take into account your health on the day of your class. Appropriate variations of exercises will be prescribed for you as needed. Certain classes are aimed at specific groups, but even in general classes exercises are functional and relevant to everyday living.

I have sufficient experience to be able to alter my class plans to fit the class dynamic in front of me on any given day if that needs to happen. It’s common to visit a class and see clients doing different versions of the same exercise at any given time, safely and under constant supervision.