Andrea Young in her Corefit studio

Andrea Young
the clinical Pilates and
functional movement specialist

What we do at Corefit

More than just classes !

As well as fitness classes for groups and individuals, I provide various other services —

  • Find out more about my work with people who have been referred by other health professionals.
  • Find out more if you are interested in rehabilitation from illness or injury.
  • A full postural assessment is available for those concerned about, or just interested in, their postural health.
  • I offer a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for anyone who is interested in having their basic movement patterns assessed. Contact me if you would like to be one of the first to take advantage of this exclusive service.
  • Don’t want to miss out on your exercise while you’re away? Get an exercise aide-mémoire so that you can keep on top of your exercise or rehabilitation.
  • We’re a friendly bunch too. See the social side.

Choosing exercise that’s right for you

Corefit offers a range of group classes and private sessions that cater for all abilities and a wide range of health conditions. Take a look at the table below to help you decide which may be suitable for you.

This table information may display more clearly if the screen is in landscape format.

About you Clinical Pilates Standing Pilates Barre Pilates Body Conditioning One-to-one Rehabilitation
You exercise currently and have no joint, bone or mobility issues Purple tick Green tick Purple tick Purple tick Purple tick Green cross
You haven’t exercised in a while and you have no joint, bone or mobility issues Purple tick Green tick Green tick Purple tick Purple tick Green cross
You have some joint, bone or mobility issues Green tick Green tick Green tick Green tick Purple tick Green tick
You are very fit, have no joint, bone or mobility issues and want a challenge! Purple tick Green cross Purple tick Purple tick Purple tick Green cross


Purple tick

This type of activity should suit you well

Green tick

This activity may suit you

 Green cross

This activity would not be suitable for you


Please note

The table above is a guide. All new clients are asked to complete a health screen form before we meet and this, together with a person to person chat, provides the best guidance as to what classes are initially suitable for you.


Group classes

Find more detail here about the range of group classes.

Other classes and sessions

Private sessions for individuals. Do exactly the type of exercise or training that you need, and get the most out of the time that you have. Individual sessions are also ideal for rehabilitation.

Tailored private small group sessions – enquire for details if you would like to exercise as part of a small group.

Find out more information here about all available private sessions.


If you’re a health professional interested in making a referral, or are a prospective client who is looking for a Pilates or movement class at the recommendation of their health practitioner, please see the referrals page.

Exercise aide-mémoire

Quite a few of my clients are away from the area for long periods, meaning that continuity of exercise can be difficult. Some have asked for a prompt sheet to enable them to carry on exercising effectively while they are away. Not everyone remembers the correct technique for all exercises, or a sequence of exercises appropriate to them. The personalised exercise aide-mémoire is an easy way to do that, as well as providing some extra motivation. This service is available to all existing clients.

You may feel that all you need is a simple written sequence of exercises that you are familiar with. Or you may prefer to work from a more detailed series of prompts and cues accompanied by photos or video. If you think you would benefit from this for your exercise or rehabilitation while you’re on the go, then do let me know. You can see how much this costs on the costs and price plans page.

Unfortunately I cannot offer this to people I have not worked with. I need to have exercised with you to fully understand your exercise needs, and I need to be confident that working without an instructor would allow you to exercise safely. This is literally an aide-mémoire; a reminder of exercises with which you are already familiar.

Screening services

Corefit offers various screens to help you to identify and understand issues that you may wish to work on through exercise practise. A full postural assessment examines your postural health in detail. The Functional Movement Screen is an industry-recognised screen that looks at your fundamental movement patterns.

Social activities

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful group of clients. Newcomers are always given a very warm welcome by my other clients, which is always nice to see.

Often clients will go for coffee after a class (and me when I can!). Typically to the lovely Hostal Dragoopens in external window, just up at the top of the square … newcomers are welcome!

We have a meal out twice a year, once in the summer and once at Christmas. I have many clients who come and go throughout the year, so it’s a good chance for people to catch up with those they might not have seen for a while or to meet people who take different classes.