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Andrea Young
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Postural assessment

What is a postural assessment?

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A postural assessment examines the way that you naturally hold your body. Most commonly it looks at your posture in a standing position. It examines the relationship between the different parts of the body, and also the position that your body has adopted as a result of the demands and the stresses placed upon it during your life, as well as those imposed by accident, injury, and conditions at birth.

A basic postural assessment is done as part of the initial screening for clinical classes, because, together with your health screen information, it helps to develop the most appropriate plan for your exercise.

Anyone can have a full postural assessment. This includes individuals who are not interested in taking classes, but want to explore their postural health.

Full postural assessment

Functional training - anti-rotational lunge

We start by taking a look at the way you stand. Visual postural and alignment clues are used, as well as noting the position of certain key physical points on the body. With the help of postural mapping software, we can create an accurate picture of the alignment of your body from the side, front and back.

These images help to identify areas that could benefit from corrective exercise. Just as importantly we can decide on exercise patterns that should be avoided, because they would worsen existing postural issues. We also have to take other factors into account. A sporting imbalance (for example any activity where one side is more dominant than the other, like tennis or golf) might be considered conservatively, to avoid an adverse impact on the client’s game.

Informed by any existing conditions, the results of the postural assessment can be used to prescribe a corrective, functional exercise programme that can alleviate symptoms and pain, and in turn reduce the likelihood of future problems. A comprehensive report is provided after your assessment.

How much does it cost?

The basic postural assessment is inclued in your initial one-to-one class screening. Please see the costs and pricing plans page for the more comprehensive full postural assessment.