Andrea Young in her Corefit studio

Andrea Young
the clinical Pilates and
functional movement specialist

Our group classes

All group classes at Corefit take place in my comfortable, well-equipped studio at Sotogrande Physiotherapy Clinic. Classes are small, typically six to eight in number, to ensure that you get the attention that you need in a personal, friendly environment.

Clinical Pilates – friendly classes based on the Modern Pilates method

Two female clients taking part in a clinical Pilates class

Appropriate for all fitness levels, clinical Pilates is one of the best ways to ‘find’, understand and learn how to control your ‘core’, and to make correct use of it in daily life as well as in exercise. In mat-based classes at Corefit I teach you what your core is, where it is, how to use it correctly and how to tell if it’s working efficiently.

The benefits of Pilates are numerous, including increased mobility, stability and strength leading to better posture and movement quality. Although almost everyone can benefit, many people, especially as we age, develop issues that mean that not all Pilates exercises are suitable for them. Even in a group environment, I work with you to prescribe the exercises that are right for you and ensure that you’re doing them correctly.

Barre Pilates Method – the grace of ballet and the discipline of Pilates

No dance or Pilates experience required! This is a fun class delivering a fantastic low-impact workout to strengthen your body.

This is a genuine fusion of Pilates technique and basic ballet exercises to give you a lower-body muscular overload. It tones legs and bums, strengthens hips, knees and ankles, improves posture and switches on your core. The class is accompanied by music to set the rhythm of the movement.

This is not a clinical class so it may not be suitable if you have joint and mobility issues or if you have an injury. Contact me if you’re not sure.

Body Conditioning – a fun, functional exercise class

A forward-thinking, head-to-toe fitness class that caters for all abilities. These classes promote, practise and reinforce functional movement patterns that are vitally important in everyday life.

Body conditioning challenges your strength and stamina. You will use some interesting tools to do this — including kettlebells, sandbags, suspension kit, battling rope and more — indeed your own bodyweight is one of the best tools of all. But it’s not the equipment that makes the class functional, rather working with those tools to develop the principles of efficient, healthy, functional movement. I often include partner work. As well as being fun, the unpredictability of a two-person dynamic often challenges balance, co-ordination and strength differently than when exercising alone.

Many gyms now have a ‘functional zone’ to provide a more holistic work out experience than the traditional machine-based circuits. My classes embrace that idea and endeavour to be accessible to everyone at all stages of life in an appropriate, non-competitive, supportive and safe environment, always mindful of correct form and proper core engagement.

Standing Pilates – for those challenged by getting up and down

Are you someone who finds getting up and down off the floor to exercise, or even the experience of being on the floor and moving from position to position, difficult or impossible?

Two clients working on the transition from sitting to standing

While I coach the safe transition from floor to standing in every Pilates class, it is a quality of movement that some people simply cannot achieve. With that follows an increasing lack of confidence in the way they move altogether, and soon getting from a chair to standing becomes a challenge. What happens to these people? Are they simply excluded from Pilates and similar classes?

Now you can do a standing Pilates class that is wholly about regaining confidence in your balance and movement, including from sitting to standing. The class is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their balance, gait (the way they walk), leg strength, and improve their co-ordination by moving more in a safe and supervised environment.

Maybe you’re recovering post-operation or post-injury. Maybe you’re wanting to maintain a level of mobility, confidence and independence, or just doing something about the decline in freedom to move that comes with age. This could be the ideal class for you. Carers and companions are also welcome to attend and assist.

Adopting the basic principles of Pilates, we apply them to a standing position, and layer on top functional movements. This might use additional apparatus where beneficial. Everyone can benefit from standing Pilates in a personalised, functional and age- or ability-appropriate way, with support from myself or a companion when needed.

How much does it cost?

For all group classes please see the costs and pricing plans page.