Andrea Young in her Corefit studio

Andrea Young
the clinical Pilates and
functional movement specialist

Why choose Corefit?

What makes exercising at Corefit a genuinely worthwhile experience.

Exercising at Corefit

I'd love you to come and try matwork Pilates or functional exercise with me. Whatever your starting point in terms of health or fitness level my goal is to help you to move better. It doesn’t matter to me whether you are young and fit or you’re getting on in years with a few bone or joint issues; I can help you to move better. Below I describe how I teach. You can find more information about what I believe in and on the various types of exercise I teach elsewhere on the site: I particularly recommend the ‘in depth’ section.

Much as I would like to see you, you may be looking elsewhere for your classes. To help you, I have a separate page suggesting things that you might want to consider when you are looking for a Pilates matwork instructor. Even if you are not a newcomer to Pilates you may find it worth reading, but it’s particularly relevant if you are looking for a clinical class.

Pilates is for life, not just for Christmas!

A rather flippant heading with a serious message behind it. Whether it’s a Pilates class you’re doing with me or some functional stuff, the message is the same. I don't want you to come here ‘do some exercise’, then go home and forget about it. At Corefit I want you to learn skills and movement that benefit you in life. Things that you take away and begin to subconsciously put into practice as you move.

From a Pilates perspective we’re especially talking about core engagement and keeping good posture. Good posture isn't just something to adopt whilst in class. A healthy posture is something that you can consciously focus on whilst in class, but the aim is to maintain it without thinking when you’re out of class.

Whilst good posture looks better, the important point is to keep your spine and the rest of your body in better alignment so that you can move better. And, together with core engagement, move in ways that help to protect you from injury. The more you carry over into everyday life the things that you practise in class, the healthier you can stay.

The same principles apply to functional exercise, but additionally we’re building or reinforcing correct basic movement patterns and strengthening the body to execute those things safely and properly in everyday life. These principles are built in to my teaching ethic.

How I teach

Of all of the exercise trends that I’ve seen since I started my fitness career, Pilates stood out more than anything else I had learned and taught. I quickly recognised the value of the basic Pilates principles in giving us an underlying strength and stability that enables us to move more efficiently as human beings. But I could also see that Pilates was not the answer to everything.

My own Pilates trainers specialise in providing modern tuition in the Pilates method, constantly modified and brought up to date to reflect the scientific world’s increasing knowledge of the human body. They provide ongoing and extensive clinical knowledge and encourage practitioners like myself to be creative and original in the application of the Pilates method. But the one question that I am constantly asking myself when I am looking at exercise is “why should we do this?”. The answer that I look for is that it is functional. A balanced program of functional exercise can’t be prescribed using Pilates alone. But it can provide an excellent core foundation, if you will pardon the pun, upon which good functional movement can be built.

Starting with Pilates as a base I take the most effective way to teach you what your core is, where it is, how to turn it on and what that feels like. Then how to keep it turned on and to understand what it does for you. I then layer upon that Pilates exercises where they are appropriate to the client. In my Pilates classes my repertoire of Pilates exercises will, as you would expect, form the basis for most of the class, but with occasional functional variations added where it is appropriate to the clients and the class.

For other classes like body conditioning I also choose relevant functional activities, selecting from a huge range of exercises learnt during more then 30 years of fitness experience. These might include aerobic, bodyweight or free-weight exercises or other current functional exercise practice using more specialised equipment.

I want you to be able to learn skills and movements that you take with you and feel confident putting into practice outside of the studio, to the point where it becomes second nature to you. My goal is to create meaningful and effective exercise for every client in whatever class setting. It is not unusual in my group classes to see several participants doing a different version of an exercise to accommodate their personal situation or goal. This means no one is left behind and no one is held back. That experience has to start with the client. Once I know you I can help you.