Andrea Young in her Corefit studio

Andrea Young
the clinical Pilates and
functional movement specialist

About Andrea

Andrea and Corefit

I love what I do. I’d like to explain why I do it, and what makes working with you, my clients, the best job I could have.

I got the bug for human movement initially through dancing. I was 11 when I decided it was something I wanted to do as a career. But actually it was not performance that drove me; in all honesty I wasn’t that talented. I didn’t want to be centre stage but I wanted to create dance, to create movement. Inspired by Martha Graham in particular, contemporary dance and its exploration of the way we move was where my interest lay.

Several decades on things might not appear to have gone the way I planned. I am not a renowned choreographer creating inspirational works for world famous companies and dancers. But my fascination with human movement has continued to grow: how it happens, what can go wrong with it, and what we can achieve when everything is functioning properly.

There are myriad classes and activities in the fitness industry today, and many good trainers and presenters. But there is also an element of commerciality to the business that is less about well-being and more about profit. This is particularly true of the group class market where the trend is to fill a class with as many people as possible at the expense of client care. This can work if the client is already fit and healthy. But for many this is not an appropriate option, making it difficult to find a class that is really right for you.

Corefit encapsulates all that I have come to believe in. Many people today are being short-changed in the mainstream fitness arena and here I try to do my best to change that, and offer as much of an individual experience as I can. As human beings we are designed to move. When we move well we can live our lives to the fullest. My goal is to help you to move as well as you can do in an enjoyable and safe environment.


There is a purple folder in the studio with all my ‘pieces of paper’ in it. If you want to see them just ask.

  1. Functional Movement Systems: Functional Movement Screen Level 1
  2. Pilates for Falls Prevention and Neural Conditions
  3. Pilates for Osteoporosis
  4. Barre Pilates Method Instructor
  5. Modern Pilates: Spinal Conditions
  6. Modern Pilates: Specialist Hip and Knee
  7. Modern Pilates: One to One Personal Trainer
  8. Modern Pilates: Diagnostic Postural assessment & Shoulder Stability
  9. Modern Pilates: Diagnostic Pelvis and Lower Limb
  10. Modern Pilates: Diagnostic Spine
  11. Modern Pilates: Clinical Pilates Matwork Instructor
  12. Core Stability Instructor
  13. Free Weights Instructor
  14. Group Strength Training Instructor (ACE)


If you would like to offer some words about your experience at Corefit, please get in touch.

 Quote from Claire —

I had some issues with my lower back and have terrible posture. Andrea was recommended to me and being a Pilates novice, I had a number of private sessions before joining group sessions.

Andrea very quickly pinpointed where my problems were and explained how it could be improved. Since starting the sessions I have had less pain with my back and my posture is starting to improve.

An added bonus for me, having moved to the area is the social side, I have met some lovely new people. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrea.


 Quote from Claire —

Andrea combines two extraordinary qualities: she has a serious knowledge of the human body and instinctively understands the people she works with.

Claire — PARIS

 Quote from Jacqui —

I had been looking for a Pilates class and was recommended to Andrea and that was an absolutely great recommendation, because she is a great teacher!

The classes are always varied and hugely enjoyable. We work hard but the group is small and therefore we can all get individual help and advice. Andrea is always aware what each of us is able to do, or not, and varies the exercises to take that into account.

Although I have only been going for a relatively short period of time the exercises have had a really positive impact on the lower back pain I was experiencing, so that it has now virtually disappeared.


 Quote from Helen —

Andrea’s classes are one of the highlights of my life in Sotogrande. They are fun but challenging, always varied and adapted to the health issues of the attendees on that day.


 Quote from Paul —

Over the last few years I have attended Andrea’s Pilates and Pilates Plus classes every time I am in Spain. As a non-resident, I sometimes stay a week and at other times a month, so it is great that Andrea can be very accommodating and flexible, and always includes me in classes with her more regular clients when I am there.

Her Pilates Plus classes are wonderfully upbeat and up-tempo which suits me perfectly. She is a fabulous and encouraging instructor, a wonderful teacher and lovely person. I can’t recommend her more highly.


 Quote from Chris —

As result of a serious car crash, I have suffered from osteo-arthritis in my feet and legs for some years. Following a diagnosis from serious to severe, increasing discomfort and greater use of a stick to aid walking, I was recommended to try Pilates.

After two one-hour, one-to-one sessions with Andrea, I was walking much better, no longer felt the need for a stick, had less discomfort and was more confident going down stairs.

Andrea is a hard taskmaster but it has been worth it and I am very grateful for the transformation she has achieved for me in a very short time as I go from strength to strength.


 Quote about Ben —

Andrea’s work with my husband Ben was tremendous. Not only did she help him cope with a limited breathing capacity through different exercises but she also uplifted him in a very difficult period thanks to her care and dedication.

on Ben

 Quote from Sharman —

I always enjoy going to Pilates. Andrea is an excellent teacher who gives very clear explanations and demonstrations. She varies the content regularly which makes it interesting, thorough and testing. One of Andrea’s major strengths is the way she encourages and supports people.

Because Andrea is very knowledgable and well-qualified I feel completely at ease in her classes (which is important to me). I strongly recommend Andrea’s group and private classes.


 Quote from Linda —

I attended my first class with Andrea about six years ago and have been returning every winter while we are in Spain.

Andrea is an excellent instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows her participants abilities and offers them various options to suit their needs.

Classes are enjoyable and I love returning each year to catch up with all the friends I have made over the years.

Linda — USA

 Quote from Linda —

I started Pilates lessons a couple of months ago, attending two sessions per week. Without question the carefully supervised exercises have helped my mobility and improved dramatically my balance. Andrea is a professional and is both expert and reassuring in her advice.


 Quote from Linda —

Andrea is great instructor, she listens to our individual issues and manages to plan the classes to suit us all. She is such a knowledgeable person in her field and makes the classes fun. We are so lucky to have her here. I really look forward to and feel the benefit of my 2 weekly classes. I only wish that when I first attended her classes years ago, that I had made the effort to continue at that time.